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Instinctively Blogging?

Welcome to the first Instinctive Beauty Blog Post.

I'm not really sure what this blog is going to bring, maybe the creative outlet that may lead into a podcast? I do know there will be skincare education, treatment advice, before and after care, updates on what is happening in salon and all of the journey inbetween.

Who or what is Instinctive Beauty?

Well firstly, I'm Stephanie, the Managing Director of Instinctive Beauty, bringing you over 17 years of experience in the beauty industry.

My Souls purpose is to care for and nurture my wonderful clients.

Instinctive Beauty began as a rebrand of my home salon, fueled by a vision to evolve into a holistic Beauty and Wellness sanctuary for your body and soul.

We are a beauty salon located in Langwarrin, Victoria with the dream to service a larger area.

We're here to serve every individual, fostering a non-pretentious atmosphere that ensures you feel completely at ease while receiving the treatments tailored to your unique body and soul.

Our mission is to provide a clean, inviting, and tranquil environment where you won't feel intimidated. We've all experienced places where you sit down and just don't feel like you belong – that's precisely what we aim to change. We want you to feel welcomed, embraced, and right at home.

Our Therapists embrace a whole body and soul approach to your treatments and recommendations. They strive to ensure your home care and treatment routines fit into your lifestyle with building your knowledge around what needs to be in place for your goals.

If you aren't on your beauty and wellness journey with Instinctive Beauty yet, we can't wait to have you in salon.

x Stephanie

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