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  • Stephanie Young

Winter Skin getting you down & flakey?

Winter in Melbourne, it catches us by surprise each year (even though it really shouldn't, 1/2 of our weather is winter)

And with that comes dry, flakey, itchy, weathered skin. You know, when you cant put enough moisturiser on it and you still have flakey patches! We all go through it, it takes us a hot minute to remember the key routine changes that need to take place to make our skin GLOW!

IF you want to have GLOWING, SOFT skin this winter follow the key points below.

  1. Electrolytes - drinking water is recommended but it won't stick to your cells to hydrate them! Adding in some electrolytes or salt 1ce a day can dramatically improve the hydration levels of your skin.

  2. Serums - depending on what your skin requires, a hydrating or omega 3&6 rich serum will support your cells during the winter months. Think Bio-Juice from Skin Juice or Avocado or Rosehip oil from Dermaviduals.

  3. Limiting hot water directly on your face. YES it FEELS so good to have the steaming water of the shower hit your face but it is NOT doing your skin any favours.

  4. Cleanser - a change of cleanser usually is needed in winter to help nourish your skin. Asking your therapist when you are due for a next one "is this the right one for me" is a great check in.

  5. LED - there is nothing better than getting under Red LED. Your cells will ALWAYS thank you! Instant energy to get them working better, who can say no?!

If you really don't know where to start with the above, we are always available for a complimentary chat to get you moving in the right direction.

X Stephanie

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