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Let me tell you what top tips for anti-aging and GLOWING skin we are telling our clients in salon.

“I am noticing so many LINES Steph! My skin is feeling so BLAH and where did this pigmentation come from?!”

This is the most common conversation we are having in salon at the moment - I feel like we have all reached visable aging at the same time!!!

You know those lines that are popping up around above the eyebrows, the crows feet are becoming more dominate with a sprinkle of pigmentation. Your skin isn’t feeling as baby smooth as it has in the past and your makeup isn’t sitting right.


I have found many of you are stuck with same skin routine that served you well in your 20’s.

GIRLFRIEND, that’s not going to work for your skin in your late 30’s/40’s & 50’s!!!

Here are my top tips for anti-aging AND to get your skin GLOWING again:

  • PUT DOWN the foaming cleanser & swap for a cream, gel or cleansing oil

  • SPF EVERY morning - its never too late to start!

  • SILK pillow case - these are your best friend as it doesn’t absorb your night routine & creates slip to not crinkle those lines up further

  • Vitamin Rich SERUM - you need to feed your cells all the nutrients to support their growth, VIT A, C & Bs! Layer them or have an all in 1!!

  • LED at home or in salon - weekly or monthly! This gives your cells an energy kick - we know they slow down after 25!!

  • Omega 3&6 topically or orally - our cells need omegas to be plump & full! Rosehip oil is amazing for this!

  • Skin Needling - every 3 months if you can or 2ce a year! This helps to regenerate your cells from the inside out!

  • Enzyme exfoliation at home! Super gentle but SUPER effective!

  • WATER & Electrolytes - Water flushes BUT Electrolytes help that water to stick to your cells -did you know that?!?!

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